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Our Trading methodology

Every weekend, free from the distractions of an open market, we do the analysis for our flagship report: TECHFX TRADERS Weekly, ready for the trading week ahead.

We analyse monthly and weekly charts to provide a longer term perspective of past market movements and, more importantly, to determine where the next big moves will occur.

We then turn our attention to the daily and intraday charts. Markets in which the analysis of both the longer and shorter term charts align become the focus for the week ahead.

The last step is to identify potential trade setups, the levels we are monitoring and also the reasons why. This will usually occur after the market has reopened for the trading week.

Subsequent daily updates will further refine thoughts, plans and levels as the market evolves.  TECHFX TRADERS offers ongoing analysis and views as the week unfolds.

For details on trading goals, money management and position sizing please read more here

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